A cold run..

This morning, we went to our running group in Solomon’s Island. It was around 25 degrees.  Probably the coldest I’ve run in, so far. Definitely was motivated to keep moving quick because when I was just walking, I was getting chilled. Brrr.

After that, we took Alex to TaeKwonDo, and then I headed to a 90 minute beginner’s yoga class. I’ve done yoga many times in the past, but have been way out of practice for quite awhile. I bought a new thick mat a few weeks ago from the studio, and it really makes a difference (http://www.jadeyoga.com). These mats are eco-friendly, made with natural rubber and they plant a tree when one is bought.

After yoga, I stopped off at the grocery store, so I could buy some food to make lunch/dinner. There are two recipes I wanted to try:

Dijon Sirloin 

Oven-Braised Beef Stew

I decided on making the Dijon Sirloin for our early dinner and it was fabulous. Subs I made: no heavy cream, since I’m in the Whole 30 challenge, and I threw a couple dashes of chicken stock into the pan, and added some kale. It was delicious. Tomorrow I will make the beef stew for dinner.

Today’s food:

B: banana, tall skinny caramel machiatto (no, not whole 30 approved.. )

L: The dijon sirloin, 2 bananas and a tablespoon of peanut butter.

D: Pistacios.

No, not much for dinner, but around 5:30pm, I ended up napping till 8. I just woke up, got on the computer, drank a bunch of water and had some nuts.. my little one crawled into bed and was watching the TV around 7 and he’s still sleeping.

Today’s calories: 1332

Tomorrow’s activity: cleaning house and spinning. No loss this morning.


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