Tuesday, otherwise known as rest day..

Ahhhhh. Rest today. I felt a little bit guilty about not working out today. I even left my workout clothes at home. But I reminded myself that I worked out super hard yesterday, and my normal rest day (Sunday), I worked out, as well.

Today was more stress. My ex-Stepmother keeps bothering me about my Father. I feel that she is pushing this with him. My Father has never kept track of me, my whole life. In fact, when I did try to escape the abuse I was going through, he ended up bringing me back to my hellhole. I feel so conflicted. Of course I want my Dad in my life, its all I’ve ever wanted.. but do I put myself back out there? So many people have disappointed me and let me down; and he’s done it time after time. Do I let my heart have hope? I’m scared that I do that, and end up being so hurt again..

So, my emotions are all over the place. Not to mention, I woke this morning, showing like a 2 pound gain. I was very upset.. I’ve worked so hard! But I won’t let it get me down. I assume the outback was very high sodium, and that tomorrow I’ll be down again.


B: Banana

L: Roasted carrots and parsnips, baked flounder, .3 avocado (was all brown), and cherry tomatoes.

S: strawberries/raspberries

D: 4 oz baked haddock, roasted brussel sprouts, sauteed onions, handful of walnuts.

Calories ended at 918. Not sure why so low.. I don’t feel hungry or anything.. No exercise today: rest.


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