Sunday and Monday..


Well, after my little fiasco at the baby shower, I was up FOUR pounds Sunday morning. ARGH. I cannot handle grains or wheat at ALL. I ended up going to a 60 minute spin class and walked for about 10 minutes afterward. I ended the day at 1546 calories consumed.



I was back down a pound, so only 3 pounds gained since Saturday. It just is not worth it for me to cheat. Anyway, feeling pretty great today.. Did 20 minutes on the arc trainer (level 5) and 5 minutes of rowing at lunch, then 60 minute spin after work (20 miles). Ended at 1440 calories today.

Made a delicious dinner of ribeye, roasted carrots, sauteed brussel sprouts, mushrooms and onions and a little avocado salad. Yum.



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