Reaching Goals.. (Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday)

First of all, I was very happy this morning when I weighed in to be 9 pounds down: 290.  I listened to the people on my 30 day challenge group, and decided bananas had to go. I’ve been eating 1-3 a day.. and they just have too much sugar.

My goal for January was 6.6 pounds, and I’m down 9. Still have 5 more days to go.

Been reading a good article, and keeping it in the back of my mind:

Tuesday, my calories were 1502 and I did 30 minutes on the treadmill

Wednesday, my calories were 1595 and I did 2 45 minute spin classes (1 at lunch, 1 at 630).

I ended the day at 1502 and went to an hour of water aerobics.

Tomorrow, Sara and I will see Van, and then I’m going to happy hour yoga!

Clothes are feeling loose!


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