January results

My final tally for January is……. 14.5 pounds down! 284.5.

I was SO happy and excited this morning. This 30 day challenge has just been awesome. I’ve been discovering so much about myself and my eating habits.. I can slowly see my relationship with food changing. Isn’t of just having a “fuckitall” attitude, and I’ll just start tomorrow, every single piece of food I put in my mouth, I’m thinking about it.

I really think that by cutting the sugar, my brain is able to actually THINK about things before I just stuff it into my mouth.. That is exactly how I’d react in the past.. It was like, Oh, there are cupcakes at the front desk, and all I would think about were those cupcakes sitting at the front desk. I’d feel compelled to just have one. Sometimes, I’d sit here and think, if I just wait 30 minutes they will be gone.. or think about how dirty some people are.. and sometimes that would help, but usually, I’d just have one because I “wanted it so bad”, and there is always tomorrow!

I am so thankful for the 30 day whole 9 group.. Its so encouraging to have all these people who are like minded and doing the same healthy activities and healthy eating..

Anyway, I am trying to remember to post my daily activity/weight and calorie intake, but I keep forgetting!


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