Relaxing Weekend..

So I did hit 284 briefly.. but am up a pound to 285. Last Thursday, I did water aerobics, and on Friday, Sara and I met in the early morning  a workout with Van. We did our first Fran and Christine..  My times were Fran 5:45 and Christine: 13:39 (mostly step ups instead of straight box jumps.

Saturday and Sunday, I was very lazy. I was sick last week, and over the weekend, and I just was crampy and not feeling great. I didn’t have too much energy either, so I really took it easy.

I was so excited for today.. which was totally ruined.. I was very excited to start my swim class for triathlons today.. but it was ruined. My coworker was mad that I had left to go to the gym (????) and went to my supervisor to tell on me. She lied and told her I was gone for over 2.5 hours, but I wasn’t gone that long. So basically, I was told that we only really have 30 minutes for lunch. This puts a huge crimp in my workout plans. I normally go to the gym twice a week at lunch to get a spin class in or some extra cardio. So because of this.. I guess I can’t really work out at lunch.

What I think I WILL do is bring my stuff and at least jog or walk at lunch for 25 minutes. I’m bound and determined. I will NOT let someone make this so I can’t get my calorie burn in. I’ve got to try to get some exercise in in the morning too, but that is very difficult, because I have to feed the dogs/get Alex ready for the day. I will not let this ruin me or my plans or my hard work. I WILL SUCCEED.


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