Ridiculous people..

I can’t believe how ridiculous and immature people can be. Especially people ‘well advanced’ in their years. I also can’t believe how people would want others to fail, even as far as something like taking care of their health or losing weight. I’ve been upset or mad and wanted to cuss someone out, but I really hope the best for everyone around me. Though there has been times I felt like I ‘hated’ someone, I really don’t hate anyone..

Now, I have to be very careful about my time. I decided I won’t take any more lunch time, so that I’m not lied about at work. I just can’t believe it would come down to that.

I was SO happy this morning when I saw 281.5! 17.5 pounds lost since Jan 1. I feel fantastic. I’m so proud of how I’ve been able to not overeat or stress eat or eat out of boredom.

Tuesday, I went to a 90 minute yoga. It was amazing. I was able to “turn my dog” on my left side. Very exciting stuff! My calorie total was 1473.

Tonight, I went to spinning. I’m ending tonight’s calories at 1664.


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