Great workout today

10 minutes on the treadmill, 45 minute spin class, and the WOD:

SUNDAY 120212

For time:
Row 2K
50 Wall-ball shots, 20 pound ball
Row 1K
35 Wall-ball shots, 20 pound ball
Row 500 meters
20 Wall-ball shots, 20 pound ball

Except I had it wrong and did:

Row 2k, 35 wall balls, 16 lbs

Row 1500, 30 wall ball, 16 lbs

Row 1k, 25 wall ball, 16 lbs.

= 770 calories.


Difficult day.. perseverance

Today was a particularly difficult day. I received some news that was sort of shocking, and disappointing about my ex-stepmother and father getting back together. For some reason, this just felt devastating to me.. Usually, people divorce someone for a reason.. and as they  say, an ex is an ex for a reason. Anyway, this shocked my emotions so much, I cried at work telling my husband on the phone and cause myself to get upset and end up with a splitting headache.

Old me would have ran to fast food or ran to the grocery store and downed a pint of Ben and Jerry’s..

However, Sara (my workout partner) and I had a date for the gym.. so while she ran, I walked/jogged (mostly walked) for 30 minutes and then we had our training session with Van. Afterwards, I did another 30 minutes on the treadmill, 5 minute warm back up, 20 minutes alternating walking and jogging and 5 minutes cool down. My pace on my jogs now are either 4.3 or 4.5, mostly 4.5.

DB Complex

Van’s workout today was Dumbell Complex.

6 reps each x 2 x 2 sets at 10 lbs dumbell.

6 reps each x 2 x 1 set at 12 lbs dumbell

8 reps each x 1 x 1 set at 12 lbs dumbell.

Next time, I will do the workout per the picture. He said this would be a great workout for being on travel also.

High pulls from floor: squat and touch dumbell to floor, stand up and lift dumbell to top of chest.

Rows: stand, back parallel to floor, extend arms down and bring arms up, thumbs to armits

Curls: regular bicep curls.

Thrusters: squat, bring dumbells down past knees, stand up and extend arms up over head, keep back straight.

Overhead squats: Keep arms extended in the air, then air squat.

Manmakers: Keep dumbell in hands, do a plank, then pushup, bring one arm up to armpit, pushup, bring other arm up to armpit. (1 is considered a pushup and one side).

We were to go to dinner with my Mom to Outback, where we picked healthy choices. I felt great with the choices I made today and did not let my emotions totally take over and destroy my diet/exercise and I feel VERY proud of that.


  • B: Scrambled Eggs
  • S: .3 Florida Avocado, 5 cherry tomatoes.
  • L: 1.5 chicken breast, 1/2 cup butternut squash
  • S: cup of strawberries
  • D: Outback: 6 oz sirloin, 3 grilled shrimp. Salad, no croutons, vinegar and oil, grilled asparagus.

Today’s calories: 1572